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Sean Zevran

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Sean Zevran

Los Angeles, CA

Sean Zevran wields an uncanny combination of a chiseled face, powerful physique, and calm sensuality that has made leagues of fans swoon. With his piercing brown eyes and sculpted bodybuilder frame, Zevran has earned a distinctive spot in the adult film industry. However, Sean Zevran is more than a pretty face, rock-hard abdominals, and firm derriere. In addition to these traits, he possesses intelligence and the heart of a philosopher-poet that has endeared him to loyal fans.

Sean Zevran is famous for blending a remarkable intellect with a sexual prowess that leaves fans weak in the knees. Zevran has given award-winning performances as a submissive and passionate bottom, and he demonstrates jaw-dropping abilities as a giver during his top performances. In his everyday life, Zevran has shown that he can make anyone's day better by putting on a good show or even striking up a conversation with those who recognize him on the street. Whether or not you are one of the lucky ones who get to meet Sean Zevran in person, you can enjoy the best of his sensuality by using the Fleshjack collection.

Prior to impressing fans with his quiet flirtation and sinuous body, Zevran graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a bachelor's degree in philosophy and a minor in economics. While pursuing his undergraduate studies, he earned acclaim as the co-founder of the Zeta Psi chapter of the Delta Tau Delta international fraternity. Never one to shy away from work or physical activities, Zevran also enlisted in the reserve unit of the United States Marine Corps. He initially planned to become a Marine Corps officer and even completed Officer Candidates School while in college. However, a desire to explore more passionate pursuits drew him away from the military.

Fortunately for his fans, Sean Zevran discovered a way to put his commanding presence and enviable stamina to use. Upon finishing his final exam as a philosophy major at SFA, Zevran's friend Brandon Wilde informed him that he had submitted his photos to producer Randy Blue. Within a few weeks, Randy Blue extended an invitation for Zevran to film a solo video in Los Angeles. In spring of 2011, Sean Zevran filmed his first solo with Randy Blue and became an instant hit with fans.

While known for his beautiful face and nimble body that brims with sex appeal, Zevran believes his self-awareness and ethics are among his greatest assets. Although his family is proud of his military background and current success as a performer, the road has not always been easy. Born on August 2, 1988, in Shreveport, Louisiana, the Southern bombshell spent his formative years on a horse farm in Piney Woods, East Texas. Zevran worked on a farm that instilled the work ethic he still uses to give each performance 100 percent. Early on in his life, this hard work gave him the strength to work three jobs to support the family as his father suffered an injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down.

As a model for Fleshjack Boys, Sean Zevran certainly allows fans to benefit from his non-conformist views toward sexual liberation, adventurousness, and release. The collection of alluring Fleshjack toys may also help fans who wish to have sex with Sean Zevran enjoy the fantasy while they can. As a striking intellectual with an excellent mind, Zevran has revealed that he may go on to get a doctorate degree in philosophy, cognitive science, or neuroscience. In addition to academics, he may also pursue business ventures such as revamping the Dallas LGBTQ circuit party scene. In the meantime, Zevran maintains a blog in which he posts about complicated issues regarding politics and sexuality.

Sean Zevran's appearance and lively performances have led to illustrious accolades. He was selected to perform as a go-go dancer for the 2012 Matinee Las Vegas Festival and the dance coordinator for the 2014 Dallas Purple Party. He has also performed as a dancer for White Party Palm Springs and White Party Miami. Most impressively, Sean Zevran won the title of Gay Performer of the Year at the 2017 XBIZ Awards, the Golden Globes of the adult film industry. Whether you are looking to add something different to your collection or are simply waiting to meet him in person, upgrade your alone time with the Sean Zevran sex toy collection.

The Sean Zevran Platinum Experience

Experience the ultra-satisfying release of using Fleshjack Platinum. As the name implies, Platinum is made of high-strength materials and can withstand as much action as you are willing to give it. While this sex toy is strong enough to undergo a good pounding, it is also ideal for an individual just starting out who wants to take things slowly. Zevran's exclusive texture is made of the luxurious patented SuperSkin material that is phthalate-free to provide one of the safest and most pliable masturbators on the market. Use the Platinum for extraordinary pleasure each time you devote yourself to it.

The Sean Zevran Squeeze Experience

The Squeeze is a must-have for anyone who wants to have sex with Sean Zevran. As a well-known bottom, Zevran has modeled for this replica to help you take your alone time to the next level. The exclusive design allows you to probe an ultra-tight entryway that leads to a textured canal. This ribbed passage tugs and massages your shaft, allowing you to make the most of each pulsating orgasm. Since they will be putting the Squeeze to regular use, Sean Zevran fans will want to invest in Fleshlube Water or Fleshlube Ice lubricant for a sleek experience that maximizes ease of use each time.

The Sean Zevran Lifelike Dildo

Take in the beauty of Sean Zevran himself with this lifelike Fleshjack dildo. Made from platinum-cured silicone, it was molded from a plaster cast of Zevran. This toy allows you to enjoy the veiny texture of his impressive girth. Whether you want to massage your prostate or envision yourself in full doggy style, the Zevran dildo can bring each gratifying fantasy to life.

Sean's movies have offered fans unforgettable and pleasurable experiences. Why not spend the evening with a carbon copy of the real thing? With the Fleshjack collection, you can satisfy your every need and make each climax more enjoyable than the last.

  • Birthday Created with sketchtool.
    Birthday August 2nd
  • Zodiac Created with sketchtool.
    Zodiac Sign Leo
  • Height Created with sketchtool.
    Height 5'8"
  • Weight Created with sketchtool.
    Weight 170lbs
  • Length
    Penis Length 7.5"
  • Girth
    Penis Girth 5.5"
  • Position
    Position Doggy-Style
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